About me

I'm Akash Singh, studying B.E. at NMAM Institute Of Technology. Self-motivated and hardworking student seeking an opportunity to work in a challenging environment to prove my coding and Problem solving skills.



  1. NMAM Institute Of Technology

    2019 — 2023 CGPA: 8.37 Branch: Information Science

    Doing B.E. in the field of Information Science Engineeering with the current cgpa of 8.45 (after 6 semesters).

  2. Army Public School (CBSE)

    12th 2018 Passing Percentage: 77.4%

    Completed my 12th from Army Public School, Fatehgarh with 77.4%.

  3. Army Public School (CBSE)

    10th 2016 CGPA: 9.6

    Completed my 10th from Army Public School, Fatehgarh with cgpa 9.6 .


  1. Programmer Analyst

    08/2023 — Present Oracle

    Working for oracle managed cloud services.

  2. Front End Development Intern

    01/2021 — 02/2021 Bio Sting Technologies

    Design a static website for the company using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript and hosted it using netlify.

Professional Associations

  1. Cloud Lead

    Google DSC NMAMIT 08/2022 - 06/2023

    Organising seminars on cloud computing and facilitating various google cloud based events.

  2. Web Master

    ACM-NMAMIT 10/2021 - 08/2022

    Organising seminars on web development and Handling web based contest for the club.

  3. Technical Lead

    HackerEarth Hub NMAMIT 05/2021 - 04/2022

    Problem Setter for various contests and Organising seminars on competitive programming for the club.


  1. MAFIA (AMONGUS-3D)link

    Made a 3-D version of among us using Unity and C#. Unlike Amongus in this game user do not kill each other rather they have to complete tasks to attain score and tasks are code snippets making this game more educational.
  2. MANGA-TO-ANIME makerlink

    Built a simple website which will do some operations on the database. Technologies used are: Mariadb, Php, Bootstrap, html and css.
  3. NMAMIT-Helperlink

    Built a simple python project using Selenium webdriver and Tkinter through which a student can goto any website of the college through a single user interface without manually logging in.


  1. Got selected in Smart India Hackathon, 2022 at internal college level.

  2. Problem Solving (Intermediate) Certificate on Hackerrank.

  3. Solved 400+ problems on Hackerrank, Codechef and Leetcode.

    Hackerrank Codechef Leetcode
  4. Global Rank: 284 in Codechef Starters 50 Division 2.

  5. Global Rank: 32 in Codechef Starters 48 Division 3.

My skills

  • Web development
  • Game Development
  • Problem Solving


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